For public places

One focus of the activities of our company is the manufacture of furniture for public places. Our own enterprise in Riga with everything that is needed for a full furniture production cycle.                                                           

For home

We will produce furniture according to your wishes in the color scheme appropriate for your interior, taking into account your needs and room dimensions. We will create products that will fit into any interior.

Restoration and repair

Is the bedroom furniture worn out? Is the sofa worn out or uncomfortable? You need a repair or restoration of furniture. It’s not necessary to throw away your furniture, because our craftsmen can give it a completely new life.

About Us

Celtnieks Mēbeles helps its customers create custom-made furniture for home, apartment or public buildings, as well as any other spaces.

Many years of experience in the production of furniture allows us to fulfill orders of absolutely different complexity at the most favorable prices. Celtnieks Mēbeles have worked in the furniture manufacturing market in Latvia since 1991.

Our main task is to understand the wishes of the client and bring them to life!!

Furniture for
public places

The choice of furniture for public institutions implies the right ratio of price and quality. Exclusive furniture, furniture for restaurants, non-standard furniture, custom-made furniture, designer furniture, retro furniture – all this you can get by contacting us.

Each person has their own ideas about beauty and comfort, and the specialists of Celtnieks Mēbeles will help to realize them. We create furniture according to individual sizes and preferences that perfectly fit into the interior of your home or any other room.

Restoration and repair

Order restoration and repair of furniture Celtnieks Mēbeles! Restoration of furniture will help restore its original appearance. Almost any furniture over time loses its attractive appearance. As a result of its exploitation, cracks appear on the surface, varnish and paint begin to fade, the fabric loses its original appearance.

If this happened, then it is not at all necessary to refuse such furniture. There is an opportunity to give it its former appearance – thanks to the restoration of furniture, it will serve you for a long time.

It often happens that the fabric on upholstered furniture is already out of fashion or does not fit into the updated interior. In this case, restoration or hauling of furniture is the ideal solution.

The experienced furniture restoration craftsmen at Celtnieks Mēbeles can handle even the most difficult tasks. Celtnieks Mēbeles will select the perfect furniture restoration solution for you.

Our customer reviews

Thanks to “Celtnieks mebeles” for the work done! Initially, we were looking for a furniture salon or furniture factory where to order furniture on the Internet, so that everyone could come up with and make it specifically for our sizes, in short – custom-made furniture. As a result, we not only ordered furniture from them, but also the design of the room. Everything turned out exactly as we wanted.


I had an idea to make retro furniture for our house, but the prices were just too high. Thanks for the reasonable approach and the favourable prices! Best execution of work, very satisfied. I bypassed many furniture stores, but has chosen the right place. They have their own production and that is an advantage, because they do not engage in re-purchase.


We wanted to order tables and chairs for the bar, were looking for the cheap option, but not low in quality at the same time. The company “celtnieksmebeles” accidentally came across and it turned out that they make furniture for restaurants, and it was custom furniture that we stopped at. They made us a favorable offer at a price, the order was completed on time.